Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Digital Marketing Co-Operative (DMCO)?

Digital Marketing Co-Operatives, or a DMCO, is nothing more than a new application to an old concept. It’s a way for competing service businesses, spread out over any geographic area, to pool their financial and intellectual resources together to secure on line exclusive leads, delivered into the technology of choice for each co-op member, via a single consumer portal. Because a DMCO focuses on a single service industry, it’s best managed by a professional digital marketing agency. In the example below, the DMCO utilizes the digital marketing services of Blue Host while leaving the administrative duties of their Co-Op to one of their DMCO members.

Give me a Real World Example of a DMCO.

Please visit to see a DMCO that serves the Independent Insurance Agency Distribution channel operating in Florida for property insurance. When a on line shopper utilizes the portal to shop for home insurance, they are connected to a local insurance agents technology of choice, which in most cases it is a mobile responsive web form associated with the agent’s multi-rater. This allows the insurance consumer both the speed and convenience of the web while at the same time giving them a local independent agency to do the home insurance shopping on their behalf. It also allows the member agents the opportunity to interact with the consumer in “Real Time”, even if their office is currently closed.

Which service industries would benefit from a professionally managed DMCO?

In addition to insurance agents, attorneys, medical professionals and artisan contractor services (e.g. HVAC repair businesses) would benefit greatly from a DMCO. Virtually any service industry that wants to increase their web presence will benefit.

So How Does the 1Lead1Buyer (1L1B) application make DMCOs Possible?

1L1B is the exclusive leads distribution engine necessary to operate a DMCO. Each subscriber of the 1L1B application will be able to easily manage the distribution of exclusive leads by zip code, by delivering the on line shopper’s inquiry to the technology of choice for each member of the DMCO.

How much does a subscription to 1Lead1Buyer cost?

A user subscription starts at $100 per month. While not likely occurring, IF a subscriber exceeds 100 unique web forms under their management, they are charged an additional dollar per month for each additional form. There are no contracts or set up fees for 1L1B subscribers. You are free to cancel at any time.

Who’s Best Qualified to Spread the Word about 1Lead1Buyer and DMCOs, and how do they benefit as well?

Digital marketing professionals are the best suited for this task. In fact the creation of a DMCO opens the door for a brand new vertical market. One that has the potential to considerably increase their current revenue streams, all without deviating from their core business model. In addition to growing their revenue through this new vertical, digital marketing firms can also become a digital marketing affiliate for 1Lead1Buyer. Once an affiliate, your company will earn 20% re-occurring monthly commission for every active 1L1B subscription under their management. Anyone can become an affiliate marketing partner for 1Lead1Buyer, and they don’t have to manage a 1L1B subscription in order to receive monthly commissions for signing up a subscriber. To become an affiliate marketing partner, just fill out and return the 1L1B Affiliate Marketing Partnership Agreement found on our Affiliate Partnership tab.