1 Lead 1 Buyer

Making Digital Marketing Co Ops Possible

What is 1 Lead 1 Buyer

1Lead1Buyer is an exclusive leads distribution engine that opens any mobile friendly web form based upon an on-line shoppers request type and selected zip code. 1Lead1Buyer makes possible the creation of Digital Marketing Co-Operatives.

Digital Marketing Co-Operatives (DMCO) Defined:

A DMCO is defined as the application of an old but successful way of generating new business (via an industry specific Co-Operative) through the discipline of digital marketing. DMCOs pool the financial and intellectual strength of its membership to create exclusive leads delivered into the technology of choice of each member. The key components of a DMCO consist of: 1. CO-Op Members 2. CO-Op Administrators 3. CO-Op Affiliate Partners 4. Digital Marketing Consumer Portals 5. Digital Marketing Exclusive Leads Distribution Engine that function within a Consumer Portal 6. Digital Marketing Providers

How Does it Work?

This diagram shows the basics of the 1Lead1Buyer Co-Op and subscription process


Web Form Best Practices

This diagram shows the best pracitces for developing, displaying, and maintaing a web form.


1 Lead 1 Buyer Application Dashboard

This screenshot shows the 1 Lead 1 Buyer Application home screen.


Become a 1Lead1Buyer Affiliate Partner

Anyone can become an affiliate marketing partner for 1Lead1Buyer, and they don’t have to manage a 1L1B subscription in order to receive monthly commissions for signing up a subscriber.

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1L1B is the exclusive leads distribution engine necessary to operate a Digital Marketing Co-Operative (DMCO).

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